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Dolls by WABI SABI

WABI SABI is back again with an area dedicated to traditional arts, an exhibit and many craftsmen and artists come to present their works and art. Come have a look at traditional dolls and meet their makers!

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WABI SABI is about Japanese aesthetic values, and it’s also a series of exhibits presented at Japan Expo every year since 2011, which offer a unique insight of Japanese arts and crafts. A cultural and artistic journey to the heart of a space dedicated to Japanese culture and traditions!

Over 700 sqm, the WABI SABI exhibit unveils various artistic works and techniques, pursuing the same goal as in the previous years. Craftsmen and artists are part of it: With 60 craftsmen, the arts and crafts exhibit brings together 50 booths displaying calligraphy works, traditional dolls, ceramics, and so many more fascinating items. 

The artists


Eiko ITO

Eiko ITO has been creating paper dolls since 1960. She works in a very old store specialized in traditional paper, and is also a painter, a calligraphy artist, and traditional kite maker.

She wanted to show how much Japanese paper can express and this way started creating paper dolls. She represents mainly kabuki actors and traditional dancers. Her characters, with many details in their clothes, show each movement with stunning vivacity.



Ayako NIIKURA creates ichimatsu dolls and other decorative dolls. She grants importance to the postures of the dolls, their figures, and their faces which she creates out of wood.

The artist had already come in 2011 for the first edition of WABI SABI, and she’s back to show her new creations, the most beautiful Middle-Age Japanese princesses!

Masako SOEDA 

Hand-made Japanese washi paper is both supple and strong. Marvelling at the qualities of this paper, Masako SOEDA decided to create dolls with it.

Kiyomi SUDO

Kiyomi SUDO started creating artworks from her early childhood. The artist explains that making dolls with terra cotta sometimes brings an unexpected result or expression, which makes each doll unique.  


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