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Pago Forest – Tower Defense

Pago Forest - Tower Defense is a strategy game featuring the same characters as the two opuses of Pago Forest: come and try it at Japan Expo on the Futurtech Studio booth!

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Flora, former chief of the army of Nova, is back. Still alive, Baal the necromancer, is contaminating the land of Pago with his evil powers. Flora’s mission is to bring together a great army and get the artefacts of power to wipe out the enemy.

The sequel to La Forêt de Pago – La vengeance du dragon, Pago Forest is a real-time strategy game of the tower defense type.

Futurtech Studio is inviting you to discover and try Pago Forest – Tower Defense at Japan Expo !

Futurtech Studio

The studio was created in 2019 from an educational program, La Forêt de Pago, which helps to learn the French language through a video game. This project allowed the studio to understand the importance of modernizing learning tools, which will be essential in a close future. That’s why they decided to make a trilogy around this first concept which helps improving one’s spelling.

Futurtech Studio is also about the passion for all types of games: strategy, shooting games, role-playing, and many more. Their inspiration keeps growing and they wish to continue developing new styles of gameplay, new stories and new iconic characters.

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