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More than 60 craftsmen from Japan come to the WABI SABI area to show you their creations and talk to you about their art. Nihon Onore Shodo society will be part of this big gathering to help you create your own calligraphies!

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Onoresho calligraphy draws away from traditional calligraphy codes and invites artists to let their brush express itself freely on the paper or add illustrations to their works instead of following precise rules. Nihon Onore Shodo is a digital society which allows you to create your own calligraphies by letting your imagination run wild

This year, Nihon Onore Shodo will come to the festival to present you various works as well as initiate you into calligraphy at the WABI SABI area alongside many craftsmen eager to show you the wealth of Japanese folklore!

Find Nihon Onore Shodo on www.onoresho.jp

A word on the art of calligraphy

Calligraphy appeared in Japan more than 1200 years ago. This art consists in expressing letters estheticism as well as the meaning of words with a paintbrush and India ink. Calligraphers traditionally paint on washi, which is a type of hand-crafted paper that has been produced in Japan since the 7th century. However, we can now encounter a wide range of calligraphic expressions: some artists mix this art with digital technology, use paint instead of ink, or draw on various materials such as fabrics, wood, leather or glass.


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