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The CNKDR, it's 10,000 members, 6 martial arts and many champions worldly renowned. Discover the biggest organization of kendô in Europe at Japan Expo!

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The CNKDR (National Kendo and Affiliated Disciplines Comity) was created in 1972 within the FFJDA (French Judo and Associated Disciplines Federation). The CNKDR tends to promote and develop these 6 disciplines as competitive sports but also as traditional martial arts:

  • kendô, Japanese fencing
  • iaidô, an art focused on drawing and cutting smoothly with your sword
  • chanbara , free fencing with different weapons
  • jôdô, a fighting style using a staff
  • naginata, an art requiring a pole weapon

These disciplines help developing the practitioner both physically and mentally, no matter if you are young or old, if you’re a man or a woman. Today, you can practice these sports everywhere in France in more than 450 clubs.

The CNKDR has the greatest number of subscribers in Europe with about 10,000 members. The quality of its practitioners is worldly renowned especially through the European Kendo Federation and the International Kendo Federation.



The CNKDR invites you to discover its disciplines during two performances:

Aslo meet the CNKDR every single day of the festival on its booth and on the Budô space where initiations lead by members of the comity enable you to try each discipline for yourself.


Find out more about the CNKDR www.cnkendo-dr.com/accueil.html

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