Japan Expo Paris - July 14-17, 2022 Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center

Kazuyuki YAMADA, indigo dyeing

More than 60 craftsmen from Japan come to the WABI SABI area to show you their creations and talk to you about their art. Artisan Kazuyuki YAMADA will be part of this big gathering!

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Kazuyuki YAMADA creates various objects made of a type of wool that is produced in the north of Japan, and dyes them in indigo-blue by following his own coloring technique. He cultivates persicaria tinctoria by himself, which is a plant used to produce this shade of blue. He puts a lot of efforts into every step of the creation process and only displays high-quality products.

This year, he will come to the festival to present you his work at the WABI SABI area alongside many craftsmen ready to make you discover the wealth of Japanese folklore!

Find Kazuyuki YAMADA's creations on fuusyoku.com

A word on the art of decoration

Japanese decoration have become extremely popular in Western countries for its aesthetic, its zen atmosphere, and its balance. In traditional Japan, decoration was inspired by the country's culutre, and was thus based on love and respect for nature. The layout of furnitures had to fill the household with a feeling of peace and harmony. It is an art in its own right, and is often harder to master than one may think.


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