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Karuta France

Discover this traditional game mixing poetry, speed and memorization.

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Karuta France offers demonstrations of Karuta wearing traditional outfits. It will be accompanied by an explanation of the rules as well as the history of this traditional Japanese game, based on a collection of one hundred poems. Members of the club will also tell about their experiences of players in France and in  Japan, and their discovery of this game that combines reflexes, concentration, memorization, strategy, speed and endurance.

Karuta initiation will be open to all those willing to try it, novices or not, all along Japan Expo!

karuta france

It is the main Karuta club in France, founded in 2012 and attached to the Japanese Karuta Federation. It is also one of the first western clubs to have graded players. Pioneers of Karuta outside Japan, they were world champions of the team tournament (accumulating less than 4 dan) in 2018, in Otsu City, Japan.

Their goal is to encourage the growth of Karuta abroad and continue to organize events and tournaments in Europe, in partnership with Japan and the other foreign teams.

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