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Japan at a glance: the Kana exhibition

After a first exhibition where you discovered traditional Japanese clothes, food and the different seasons, Japan Expo comes back in 2022, in collaboration with the publishing house Kana, to present its book "Japan at a glance".

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Come and discover the traditional Japanese culture, the tea ceremony or calligraphy! But Japan is also a way of life that fascinates many travelers. Often presented as mysterious,  this exhibition wants to break this preconceived idea and allow all attendees to better understand this country, which is so close to your heart.

These last two years, we have not traveled much and we miss Japan terribly. This exhibition is an opportunity to teach attendees to recreate a little piece of Japan at home! You will find explanations on how to make ikebana or learn the basics to present yourself in Japanese. Texts and illustrations are mixed to create a fun and rich exhibition.


With 77 panels covering multiple aspects of Japanese culture, this exhibition will help you better understand Japan and perhaps even prepare a future trip!


  • Exhibition "Japan at a glance", hall 5A
  • Japan Expo in collaboration with Kana

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