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Iokai Shiatsu

The Iokai Shiatsu Paris association is waiting for you at their booth at Japan Expo to teach you the benefits of shiatsu. An opportunity to release all tensions and continue to explore the festival with a refreshed body and mind!

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IokaI Shiatsu Paris

Shiatsu, shi meaning finger and atsu meaning pressure, is a simple and natural discipline which consists in applying pressure on the whole body to relieve tension, tiredness, pain and activate the vital force, both physical and mental.

Iokai Shiatsu is a method of care that comes from the Japanese "Anma" tradition and from research on the meridians directed by Shizuto MASUNGA sensei in the 1950s. Iokai, translated as "King of Medicine", is a way of helping improve physical and energetic health and to keep an open mind and connection with the body.

The experts of the association Formation et Pratique du Shiatsu des méridiens, at Japan Expo, also practice do in method, a collective practice aiming to relax and developp the body's capacities of flexibility and self-awareness.

The association also offers a complete training in Shiatsu and Do In, in the spirit of the Japanese tradition, and in the line of Iokai. In his Parisian dojo, classes, workshops and discovery sessions take place all year. Connected to a network of Ile-de-France practitioners, the association coordinates events of discovery, exchange and sharing around the practice of Iokai Shiatsu.

On Booth

At their booth, the association offers :


  • Iokai Shiatsu care, for 4 to 6 people, every 30/40 minutes throughout the day.
  • At least 2 animations of do in practice, energetic exercises tending to reinforce one's health: breathing, articulations, good mood.
  • Introduction to the training courses for do in facilitators and Iokai Shiatsu practitioners


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