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FF Museum

The goal of FF Museum is to let you discover, through the multitude of tie-in products that its members have collected the past 30 years, Square Enix’ popular video games series: Final Fantasy.

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Created in 2006 by fans of the early days, FF Museum does its best to list and photograph figurines, books, CDs, DVDs, goodies, consoles and obviously video games from the fabulous saga. Then the members, coming from all over the world, share these products on their web site, on social media, or at exhibitions.



On the occasion of Japan Expo 18th Impact, FF Museum plans an exhibit on the topic of the 30th anniversary of the series with items from the 15 episodes and more coming straight from each member’s collections. They will offer you:

  • cosplay contest
  • presentation of decks of cards
  • video game contests with Final Fantasy Theatrhythm
  • quizzes
  • blind tests
  • Pampa mysterious hunt…

Come discover this fantastic exhibit and share your gaming fondest memories!

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