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Cosplay Masterclasses

The Cosplay Masterclasses are made for all cosplay enthusiasts who want to share their knowledge and their skills. We need you to plan the masterclasses' content. If you feel like sharing your secrets, read on!

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Find the whole Cosplay Masterclasses schedule by browsing at the bottom of this page or by looking at the festival's program!


The Cosplay Masterclasses invite all cosplay, costume making, creative hobbies (jewelry creation, modelling, …), photography, and video lovers to discover creating techniques and improve their knowledge, whether they are novice or expert!

We also need them to take part in the room’s schedule. Japan Expo thus calls upon cosplayers, propsmakers, photographers, video makers, designers, makeup artists, and all people from creative fields: you can take part in the Cosplay Masterclasses to share your experience by sending in your application.


Find Cosplay Masterclasses all along the festival and become a master in the art of creating your own costumes!

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