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Cosplay and creative initiation workshops with Les Dix Lunes

Les Dix Lunes association offers you an initiation of the art of cosplay, and why not challenging your creative skills by thrilling activities !

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Les Dix Lunes’ association members offers workshops and demonstrations based on cosplay and accessories design. Alternative, fantasy, historical and pop culture: the association highlights its multiple activities to the public and welcomes you for initiations. Please note: registration is mandatory and subject to availability.


On demonstrations’ program, you will be able to admire a Cinderella’s wig stylization, cosplay accessories design based on The Monster Book of Monsters from Harry Potter, embrodery on Mirabel’s colorful dress from Encanto or even so demonstration of sculpture and initiation to 3D modelization.

Regarding intiation workshops for the public, Les Dix Lunes offers 4 themes under registration (limited seats) :

  • initiation to sewing and creation of a Pokemon cushion
  • mandrake sculpture workshop
  • embrodery initiation
  • plastic workshop and realization of a geek keyring


If you are interested by any of these initiation workshops, book your slot by email : lesdixlunes@hotmail.fr

Les Dix Lunes Association

The aim of the association is to gather cosplay and craft fans among fantasy, historical, pop culture and alternative themes.

Revolving around various activities, Les Dix Lunes focus mainly on organizing workshops and creating costumes and scenery : original creations, role plays, cosplay and craft. They’re also present on conventions and events where they organize shows, animations, conferences and contests.

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