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Aikibudo - Katori Shinto Ryu

Come discover aikibudô, a martial art created to face the dangers of the modern world. The program includes demonstrations and initiations!

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Aikibudô, a martial art accessible to anyone, was created by Alain FLOQUET. Having studied with the greatest Japanese Masters, such as Master Minoru MOCHIZUCHI, he drew on his experience as a policeman and a member of the Commando Brigade to create a defensive martial art, efficient and adapted to the modern world.

This fighting style is developing worldwide and have a growing number of members. Deeply rooted in Japanese traditional martial art schools, aikibudô is more than a technical practice.


Discover also kobudô, the art of the sword of the Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu school (dating back over 600 years), practiced at the Fédération de Katori Shinto Ryu.

Master FLOQUET was the student of the great Master Yoshio SUGINO, 10th dan. The federation is connected to the SUGINO dôjô from Kawasaki in Japan and receives each year the current Master of the dôjô: Master Yukihiro SUGINO, son of Master Yoshio SUGINO.


Discover aikibudô and kobudô at the Budô area: tatami are here for you, with demonstrations and initiations!


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