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Defenders of the Triforce

Experience a unique adventure: Nintendo and the escape game creators SCRAP are inviting you to get immersed into the world of The Legend of Zelda in the escape game Defenders of the Triforce!

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When playing one The Legend of Zelda games, who hasn’t dreamed of going on the other side of the screen to explore this fantasy world? With Defenders of the Triforce, now you can. Nintendo called on SCRAP, escape game creators and winners of the 2016 best escape game in the US, to create a game inspired from the series The Legend of Zelda. After a sold out tour in 15 American and Canadian cities, the Defenders of the Triforce adventure is coming to Europe and will make a stop in Paris at Japan Expo, all four days of the festival!


The game though is closer to a smart game with puzzles and riddles, than to a standard escape game. Indeed, the room will welcome at the same time several dozens of six-player teams, who will have to go through with the same mission in a limited time. Players will interact with the series characters and items, like the Goron, Zora, and Kokiri tribes. During the game, they will find items that can be used to solve the riddles and go further in the adventure, just like in the video game.

Embody Link and explore the wide lands of Hyrule! For more information about the game and about ticketing, visit fr.scrapzelda.com.


With Nintendo and SCRAP

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