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Who won the ECG Season 7 Finals?

The ECG Season 7 finals, the biggest cosplay contest in Europe, took place yesterday. It is therefore high time to reveal the winners!

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Many of you came to watch the European Cosplay Gathering Season 7 finals to cheer for your favorite cosplayers. With 13 countries in competition and more than 40 contestants with costumes as sublime as the others, it’s no surprise that the atmosphere was that euphoric!

And without further ado, here are the much expected results for the solo category:

  • 1st place: Finland with Maija in a costume from Brave
  • 2nd place: Belgium with Macky in a costume from Mortal Combat X
  • 3rd place: Spain with Hermione in a costume from The Little Mermaid


As for the group category, the winners are:

  • 1st place: Switzerland with K5, Tinkerer Works, and Jigsawphia (from Haru no Hana Cosplay) in costumes from Krampus
  • 2nd place: Spain with Zihark, Sender and Nunnally in costumes from Nightmare before Christmas
  • 3rd place: France with Tora and Koe in costumes from The Phantom of the Opera


Two other rewards were also granted to congratulate the exceptional work of some of the contestants. The best wig award was given to the Italian Tamiyo while the Spanish group received the best make up award.

Congrats to all the contestants and thanks to the exceptional jury present this year!

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