Japan Expo Paris - July 2-5, 2020
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What to do on Friday!

Let's celebrate 20 years of Japan Expo! You didn’t have time to plan anything? Here are some ideas…

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  • At 10:45, start the day with the Child of Kiamari Month show, inspired by the upcoming movie, with the dancer BANG and the Bang Family.
  • At 11:45, meet Gô NAGAI on the Yuzu stage during a conference and a live drawing on his mangaka career and on Goldorak.
  • At 14:00, meet Daiki KOBAYASHI ont the Kuri stage during a conference and a live drawing on his mangaka career and on Ragna Crimson.
  • At 14:45, let’s meet BIOMANs’ team on the Yuzu stage, during a conference with a Q & A.
  • At 16:45, come admire beautiful kimono during Nabuaki TOMITA kimono fashion show on the Ichigo stage. 


We invite you to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Mobile Suit Gundam, by attending the Gundam 40th Anniversary exhibit (Hall 5A) on more than 200 sqm dedicated to the famous saga, and rediscover the work of the illustrious Yoshiyuki TOMINO.

Take a tour on the Tourism and Tradition area (Hall 5A), with booths of artists and craftsmen who came only to make you discover the richness of the Japanese art of the scene, culture and tradition. Also, enjoy magical performances on the Sakura stage, where you can discover traditional Japanese arts and more contemporary ones.

And what is your favorite traditional Japanese art?

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