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Tip #3 The guide to signings

At Japan Expo, all the signings taking place on the festival official areas are free but you must have a signing ticket. How does it work? Read what follows to attend your favorite artist’s signing!

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NEW! The Sumiré area now includes 8 rooms dedicated to signings:

  • Sumiré 1 to 6 for regular signings
  • Sumiré 7 for photo sessions
  • Sumiré 8 for meet & greets. This new room is in hall 6 at the top of the stairs and invites you to meet with the guests in small groups of fans. 

How to proceed to get a signing?

  • 1. Get a signing ticket
    • From the signing desk in the Sumiré area,
    • For any type of signing,
    • And as early as possible, tickets being given out from the festival opening.
  • 2. Once you have your signing ticket, you can go to the corresponding signing (check out the time and place).
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