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The arts on stage, of living, of creating: an 18th Impact to the rhythm of traditions

With each festival, Japan Expo is a new invite to a journey out of time, to the discovery of Japanese arts, folk culture, and spellbinding century-old traditions. And the 18th Impact kept its promise!

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With 556 hours of programming in all and 717 events taking place in every nook and cranny of the festival, Japan Expo offers an insight into many aspects of Japanese culture.

Among them are featured traditions, folk culture, and arts and crafts. A whole stage has been set up for them, the Sakura stage, which hosted 132 artists this year. But it’s not the only one to feature folk and traditional shows. On the several stages of the festival, more than 50 shows unveiled enchanted shows.  

Many booths also proposed activities, workshops, and demos of music, calligraphy, traditional games, well-being… Over 840 sqm, the WABI SABI area invited you to meet more than 50 artists and craftspeople, and exhibited their creations.


To immerse you back into this timless world, read our dedicated report and have a look at all the pics in our photo album!

Which have been your favourite shows? Share them in the comments!

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