Japan Expo Paris - July 13-16, 2023 Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center
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Summary of first programming announcements!

The announcements are starting to flow, so let's dig in this summary of what you can expect this summer at the festival so far! Check out our news regularly to keep you informed of what's coming !

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  • Hiroshi Matsuyama : CEO of the CyberConnect2, which produces successful video games inspired by manga and anime such as Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, .hack or Naruto Ultimate Ninja, he is a regular of the festival and comes to meet you at his booth and give conferences.
  • Charlotte Caspar : Pastry chef with a passion for traditional Japanese sweets, she will share the knowledge she acquired in Japan during her 10 years of training in Japan. Come to the "Washoku" stage to follow her demonstrations!
  • Yuzu Natsumi : Sparkling musician, she mixes genres between traditional music and contemporary pop with her shamisen! She comes back to Japan Expo to perform in showcases for you. Don't miss it!
  • Singing Cosplayer Hikari : With her sweet voice, Singing Cosplayer takes you into her world of anime and Vocaloid song covers. She comes at Japan Expo to perform her best songs on stage!
  • MidoGeek : Streamer and Pokémon fan, MidoGeek comes to meet you to discuss about video games, and prepares lots of games and animations at her booth!




  • Association pour l’Essor de l’Univers Gundam (AEUG) : they are back for the numerous Gundam fans and all mecha universe lovers! On the booth, you will  discover an exhibition dedicated to the famous robots, initiations to Gunpla, and a multitude of games, quizzes and much more!
  • Ligue Ile-de-France de Go : A typical activity at Japan Expo, the chess-board game of Go will delight the strategists and chess lovers. With the professionals of the League, discover this traditional game or face opponents for your level!
  • Volt Events : Fill up on thrills with Hado battles in virtual reality! This sport, inspired by dodgeball, is played in teams using last technology helmets, and allows you to launch energy balls to defeat your opponents or create defensive shields to protect your teammates.
  • Kaio Gaming : the association and its enthusiastic members are back at Japan Expo! Come to their booth for video game tournaments, cosplay shootings, and even drawing workshops, always in a good mood!


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