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Reunion of the cast for Bioman's 35th Anniversary

Japan Expo is celebrating its 20th Anniversary and there will be another Anniversary to celebrate, Bioman's 35th, the cult TV show which launched super sentai in France and deeply influenced pop culture. On this occasion, the festival is welcoming six guests: come meet the five lead actors of the show, as well as Red One's stunt actor!

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Created in 1984, Bioman arrived in France in 1985, introducing the audience with sentai. It was the beginning of a true love story: the show was a huge success and even inspired some wannabe film-makers like the creators of the French series France Five who will also be attending Japan Expo.

35 years later, it is at Japan Expo that the five lead actors of the show and Red One's stunt actor will be getting together again. The fans of the show will be reminded of the time when Bioman was a hit on TV and enjoy this unique opportunity to meet Michiko MAKINO (Pink Five), Akito OSUGA (Blue Three), Naoto OTA (Green Two), Ryôsuke SAKAMOTO (Red One), Sumiko TANAKA (Yellow Four II), and Kazuo NIIBORI (Red One's stunt actor).

Take a souvenir photo with them and get it signed, or the Bioman mook offered with the signing. Book your photo shoot now or your signing to get a precious souvenir of this exceptional meeting.

Photos and signings are charged and available when booking on our website from today: more information on the guests' profile pages.


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apachai, 38 years old
30€ pour 2 minutes de leur temps et une pose photo, surprenant c'est le prix d'un concert, mais bon ils viennent de tokyo, j'imagine qu'il faut bien payer l'avion, les photos payantes sont une pratique courante pour les groupes d'idol, et le prix va de gratuit a trés cher selon la popularité, donc c'est surtout une question d'offre et de demande.
shuna13, 35 years old
Première fois que je vois des photos payantes à la JE. Je suis déçue
Ludo, 31 years old
Je trouve hélas un peu exagérer le prix des billets pour les dédicaces et les photos.
sachan45, 42 years old
Bonjour, je suis contente de pouvoir rencontrer l'équipe au complet mais bon je trouve que c'est un peu cher le prix des photos

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