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Irono-sensei, halfway between shônen and dark fantasy

Japan Expo is delighted to welcome the mangaka Irono-sensei, in partnership with the publisher Kana, on the occasion of the release of the first volume of The Grim Reaper and an argent cavalier at Japan Expo!

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Get immersed in Irono-sensei’s universe, set halfway between shônen and dark fantasy! The mangaka has been a fan of manga ever since childhood, and she’ll be meeting you at Japan Expo to present her first series, The Grim Reaper.

The release of the first volume is planned for the festival, so take this opportunity to have a look at The Grim Reaper as a premiere at Japan Expo and with the artist! She’ll be giving a panel and signings.

Click here for more about Irono-sensei


More about Irono-sensei and The Grim Reaper on www.kana.fr

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