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Happy World Music Day!

All music genres are celebrated on this day, Thursday, June 21, and a thousand notes go up all around the world for World Music Day. We too love gathering and dancing together on explosive tracks at Japan Expo: don't miss out our musical programming worthy of the best music festivals!

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Japan Expo makes you discover many sensational groups and artists to brighten up your visit. On the occasion of World Music Day, we give you a summary of the J-music talents who will be joining the festival for unforgettable shows:

Music Guest of Honor

  • TRF, an iconic dance and vocal group


New talents



  • =LOVE, the perfect idol group
  • callme, a group mixing pop, RnB, and hip hop
  • Maneki Kecak, the pop revelation
  • MeseMoa., a male idol group knowing international success
  • PIKOTARO, the singer who reached 130 million views on Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen
  • SWEEP, a soul singer with sensitive songs
  • Wi-Fi-5, the idol group performing Chi's Sweet Adventure's opening



  • Crystal Lake, a must of the hardcore music scene
  • THE SIXTH LIE, the electro-rock new wave interpreting  the ending of the anime Golden Kamuy



  • Cécile CorbelArrietty's original soundtrack composer, and enka singer Misaki IWASA join their talents to perform the opening of Studio Ghibli’s anime From Up on Poppy Hill
  • Cécile Corbel, l'auteur de la bande originale d'Arrietty, le petit monde des chapardeurs, et Misaki IWASA, chanteuse de enka, joignent leur talents et interprètent entre autres le générique de La Colline aux coquelicots du Studio Ghibli
  • Mika KOBAYASHI, the singer behind Attack on Titan's legendary themes
  • Neko Light Orchestra, a melodic rock band paying tribute to Isao TAKAHATA on stage
  • Yoko TAKAHASHI, the singer of NEON GENESIS EVANGELION's famous opening

Click here to find the artists' programs

And while we wait to see you at Japan Expo, let us wish you a happy World Music Day again!

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