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Discoveries and revelations at the Nintendo Masterclass!

The Ichigo room was crowded out on the occasion of the much expected masterclass of Eiji AONUMA, Satoru TAKIZAWA and Yusuke NAKANO. Here’s a quick look at this amazing event as well as on the exclusive announcement concerning the second DLC of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!

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You could feel the excitation among the public even before the guests arrived on stage. Once there, the creators of some of the most iconic games looked back on the graphic evolution the series, starting with Ocarina of Time which introduced the transition to 3D for the kingdom of Hyrule.

Involved for the first time in the development of The Legend of Zelda, Yusuke NAKANO, the illustrator of the "Ganon Fight", was inspired by the design of Link in A Link to the Past to create the illustrations of the game. Satoru TAKIZAWA, the artistic director of Breath of the Wild, started to work for the series on this opus by creating no less than 12 bosses in just 6 months!


From then on, the graphisms of the series never stopped to evolve. The creators tested every style, from the cartoon effects of The Wind Waker which suit the young and energic hero to the dark atmosphere of Twilight Princess.

Yet, this game was supposed to have a cartoon style too. But in order to stick to more serious story, Eiji AONUMA, the producer of many game of the series, decided to adopt realist graphisms. Yusuke NAKANO therefore used oil painting and few colors for the illustrations of the game in order to give a gloomy vibe.


As for the latest game of the series, Breath of the Wild, the creators wanted to build a world with a Japanese style. That’s why Satoru TAKIZAWA designed a setting influenced by the jômon art, the prehistoric art of Japan. Besides, one of the numerous folkloric frescos found throughout the game hides a secret message: can you find it?

The creators also revealed you as a world exclusive news on the second DLC of Breath of the Wild: thus you saw that pictures which suggest that Princess Zelda will have a major role to play… However, Eiji AONUMA admited that she would not be a playble character. He also said that Link will be able to wear the lobster shirt of the young hero of The Wind Waker!

The masterclass was also the occasion for the three winners of the fanart contest to get rewarded by the creators themselves on stage!

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