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Boost your energy with Wi-Fi-5's songs!

Wi-Fi-5 members do one project after the other for they are truly ambitious. Their dearest wish? To meet their international audience. Here they come to Japan Expo to fulfill this dream!

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【CM】Wi-Fi-5「にゃーお!」30秒Ver.(テレビ東京アニメ 「こねこのチー ポンポンらー大旅行」 エンディング主題歌)

The five idols of Wi-Fi-5 have been discovered in 2017 during a greatly covered audition in Japan. Shortly after this event, they released their first single, Hajimari No Courage, then interpreted openings and endings of popular anime, including the ending theme of the second season of Chi's Sweet Home, titled Chi's Sweet Adventure. In the space of only one year, they succeeded in imposing themselves on the J-pop scene and are now ready to conquer an audience beyond the Japanese borders.

Members Raimu SHIRATORI, Nagisa TAKANO, Simon, and Claire Tomiko thus come to Japan Expo next July to make you discover their lively songs during two showcases, and to meet you at signings and photo calls!

Find Wi-Fi-5 on www.arutemate.jp/wi-fi-5

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