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On 2022 July 10th, ANIME SONGS PARTY! releases its first single « Silhouette », a cover by Singing Cosplayer Hikari, Yohei Onishi and Enzo Ratsito, French voice of Tanjiro Kamado from « Demon Slayer ». All three are Japan Expo’s guests!

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ANIME SONGS PARTY! is thrilled to announce its first release: « Silhouette », « Naruto Shippuden» opening, featuring Enzo Ratsito, known as the voice actor who plays Tanjiro Kamado, in the French version of « Demon Slayer ». This title has been released (in legal downloading) today!



 « ANIME SONGS PARTY! » is a show broadcasted on both radio and YouTube. Its theme: anime songs, which are animations theme songs broadcasted in Japanese (original language) without translation, showing a massive success in the whole world. Aiming to gather anime fans beyond borders, the hosts Singing Cosplayer Hikari and Yohei Onishi welcome various guests for each episode and they sing altogether.   

« Silhouette »

The songs that are chosen for ANIME SONGS PARTY!’s releases are songs that are so famous that fans from all over the world are able to sing them, and they are sung by a group of artists from various countries. « Silhouette », « Naruto Shippuden »’s 16th opening theme, gets the ball rolling. This song, composed by KANA-BOON, is very successful and reaches 78 600 000 views on YouTube. For ANIME SONGS PARTY!’s version, it has been arranged on an acoustic guitar base, but with a groovy rock taste

Enzo Ratsito, the French Tanjirô Kamado

Yohei Onishi and Singing Cosplayer Hikari sing « Silhouette » with their special guest, Enzo Ratsito, singer, dancer and actor specialized in voice acting. He is voice actor for Tanjiro Kamado, but also many characters from many animations and he is also creative director for Crunchyroll in France. He is French, but he also, sings « Silhouette » in Japanese!

« Silhouette » by ANIME SONGS PARTY! featuring Enzo Ratsito, is currently available on various plateforms such as iTunes Store, Apple, Music, Amazon, Spotify or YouTube Music!


Starting from July 12th, ANIME SONGS PARTY!’s goods (t-shirt, tote bag, mug) will be available on the show’s online shop, in partnership with Groobee : https://animesongs.party/ 

But above all, see you at JAPAN EXPO’s TSUBAME stage on Saturday, July 16th from 2:45PM to sing you favorite anime songs along with this powerful trio!

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