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18th Impact: Sport for Everyone!

The subtlety of martial arts charmed you? Maybe the wrestlers’ brute force fascinated you more, just as much as the team spirit of yakyû. Japan Expo creates every year new adepts in each of these disciplines, and the 18th Impact is no exception to the rule!

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Japan Expo was very athletic this year: a dozen of martial art associations met you to teach you their fighting techniques as well as their philosophies. Moreover, you could watch professionals in action on the different stages of the festival during incredible shows such as those of the samurai of Aki Hiroshima Busho-Tai or of the fighting musicians of Haten Kohro. Puroresu has also new fans with the big comeback of women's wrestling. And for those of you who preferred team sports, yakyû awaited you for training sessions in an inflatable structure!

Did Japanese sports captivate you? Which ones did you try? Tell us all with a comment!


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