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Zen+ Tickets

Customize your visit and transform it into a unique, magical, and memorable experience, thanks to the exclusive features offered by Zen+ Tickets!

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All Zen+ Tickets are sold out.

Mix the peace and quiet of a Zen Ticket with the lifetime memory of meeting a festival guest, with the comfort of an exclusive lounge, or an intense experience. Choose the Zen+ Ticket and get on board for a great adventure! 

Zen+ Tickets for 2017


Let's discover the five Zen+ Tickets available for the 18th Impact. Click the links for more about all their features:

Please note


Please read carefully the following rules and information about Zen+ Tickets!

  • Each Zen+ Ticket is in very limited quantity and only available on our website.
  • You don’t have to buy a Zen Ticket to get a Zen+ Ticket: they are two different types of Tickets.
  • Concerning Zen+ Tickets related to a guest, several days may be proposed for the meeting: you have to choose that day when buying the ticket.
  • All attendees can have only one signing per guest during the festival; as a consequence, the owners of Zen+ Tickets related to a guest don't have access to public signings of that same guest. Yet they get a personalized signing during the meeting, included in their Zen+ Ticket.
  • Products or goodies included in Zen+ Tickets must be collected at the festival and only at the Boutique officielle du festival (Japan Expo's official shop).
  • To enjoy the reserved seats included in Zen+ Tickets, you must arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the beginning of the event.
  • Zen+ Tickets also include Zen advantages: please read this page for more information.

What is a Zen+ Ticket?

Zen+ Tickets offer you a customized experience of the festival, to make Japan Expo a special moment for you. Zen+ Tickets have all the advantages of Zen Tickets plus exclusive contents related to a guest or an event for instance:

  • Zen+ Tickets associated with a guest allow the artists and their fans to meet
    • Spend an hour with them and a few other fans
    • Take a picture of you and them
    • Get goodies
  • Zen+ Tickets associated with an event, such as the European Cosplay Gathering, for a wonderful experience
    • Get the best seats for the festival events
    • Get goodies
    • Meet the stars of the event
  • The Zen+ Comfort Ticket invites you to relax whenever you like thanks to the Japan Expo Lounge

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