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News from Animé 100

Follow the latest news of our celebration of the 100th anniversary of Japanese animation on this page!

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2017/06/29: Animé 100 Events You Can’t Miss!

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Japanese animation, Japan Expo prepared you an exceptional program: prestigious guests, exclusive screenings, a unique exhibit… Come have fun with us!
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2017/06/28: Cosplay celebrating Animé 100

The association CoSa and its cosplayers are immersing you back into legendary anime!
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2017/06/23: Who Won the Envelope Contest?

Inspired by Anime 100, many of you took part in the envelope contest. It is now high time to discover the winners!
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2017/06/20: Kazuhide TOMONAGA is celebrating Lupin III’s 50th anniversary

Japan Expo is celebrating not one, but two anniversaries: the 100th of Japanese animation with Animé 100, and the 50th of the series Lupin the Third! And on this occasion, the animator and director Kazuhide TOMONAGA will be joining you! Click here for more

2017/06/15: Celebrate Japanese animation with music!

Japan Expo’s music guests are also anime fans, just like the festival attendees. And to prove so, and celebrate the 100th anniversary of Japanese animation, they’re performing two Animé 100 showcases! Click here for more

2017/06/07: True fact: the internationalization of Japanese animation

The worldwide craze for Japanese animation has been the origin of many passions and callings... Click here for more

2017/05/31: Masahiko OKURA: the animator who is never short of projects

On the occasion of Japanese animation centenary, Masahiko OKURA, director of The Silver Guardian, comes meet you at Japan Expo! Click here for more

2017/05/17: Masao MARUYAMA, about The Girl who Leapt through Time

"It was the first time I worked on a movie with director Mamoru HOSODA.
When we were asked to produce..." Click here for more

2017/05/10: True facts: the great success of animation

Animation films are now among the biggest box office successes but it has not always been so. Let’s get back over the triumph of Japanese animation cinema! Click here for more

2017/05/09: Koji TAKEUCHI, our guest for Animé 100

A new guest is joining the celebration of Japanese animation coming up with Animé 100: Koji TAKEUCHI, a passionate anime producer who’s sharing this great moment with you! Click here for more

2017/05/03: Making of an anime: how to animate a character

The key element to any anime is obviously the animation. You are revealed the different mechanisms to animate a character, such as the layout. Click here for more

2017/05/02: Storyboard: a fundamental stage in making an anime

Discover the storyboard, an essential stage in the making of an anime in which the overall plan of the projet is created... Click here for more

2017/04/28: Takuo NODA, our guest for Animé 100

After 50 years’ career, Takuo NODA is as passionate about his animator job as ever, to the point that he is among the few in his generation still working today... Click here for more

2017/04/27: Masami SUDA, our guest for Animé 100

Gatchaman, Hokuto no Ken, Yo-kai Watch: here are a few anime that marked out Masami SUDA’s long and rich career. This talented animator and chara-designer... Click here for more

2017/04/26: Masao MARUYAMA, about Tokyo Godfathers

"Among all of Satoshi KON’s works, this [Tokyo Godfathers] is one of the most entertaining and funniest. All that happens is unexpected..."
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2017/04/26: Shichiro KOBAYASHI, our guest for Animé 100

As a master of anime settings, Shichiro KOBAYASHI has raised his profession to the rank of art and has contributed to the atmosphere of dozens of anime through the settings he’s created... Click here for more

2017/04/20: Yoshiki SAKURAI, our guest for Animé 100

Japan Expo is delighted to announce the coming of Yoshiki SAKURAI who has worked alongside Kenji KAMIYAMA on Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex or the upcoming Hirune Hime... Click here for more

2017/04/19: Chara-design, choosing colors…: the stages before actually making an anime

What better opportunity than Animé 100 and the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Japanese animation to learn a bit more about making an anime
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2017/04/12: True facts: the pachi-slot revolution

Pachi-slot machines have been taking the colors of the most popular anime licenses since the late 90s.
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2017/04/05: Masao MARUYAMA, about Perfect Blue

"Perfect Blue for me is above all the story of my meeting with someone amazing, Satoshi KON..."
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2017/03/29: True facts: Goodies

Goodies have become part of the success of animation works and we’re telling you a bit more about this aspect today! 
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2017/03/22: Masao MARUYAMA, about Ninja Scroll

For the 100th anniversary of Japanese animation, Masao MARUYAMA, a major character of the industry and ambassador of Animé 100, is coming back over his career. For us, he is recalling six anime that punctuated his career!
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2017/03/15 : True facts: Europe-Japan anime co-productions

In the early 70s, European animation started on a new adventure, getting closer to Japan to create co-productions from which cult anime will appear! Click here for more

2017/03/08: How to make an anime

We talk about the first stages of making an anime, with the kikakusho, the script, and model sheets, and Chibi Dino's adventures. Click here for more

2017/02/03: True facts: a story of music in anime

When, and how, was born anisong? What's changed since it all began? Click here for more

2017/01/25: Nobuyoshi HABARA, our guest for Animé 100

Japan Expo is delighted to welcome the animator, mecha- and chara-designer, and director Nobuyoshi HABARA: on top of 30 years of career in animation, he worked on dozens of anime ! Click here for more

2017/01/11: Namakura Gatana, the first anime

Found in an antiquarian's shop in Osaka in 2008, Namakura Gatana is the oldest animation film we know about to this day. Click here for more

2017/01/05: Kenji KAMIYAMA, our guest for Animé 100

Japan Expo is glad to announce the coming of a major director on this occasion: Kenji KAMIYAMA, invited in partnership with @Anime, will be meeting the fans of the Ghost in the Shell saga! Click here for more

2016/12/22: Takuya WADA, our guest for Animé 100

Animator, chara-designer, durector, Takuya WADA has had many jobs in his 39 years working in animation. 
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2016/12/20: Masao MARUYAMA, ambassador of Animé 100

With over 50 years of experience in animation, Masao MARUYAMA is one of the industry members who's worked on the highest number of anime! He will be the ambassador for Animé 100! Click here for more

2016/11/03: Japanese animation is a hundred years old !

In 2017, Japanese animation will be celebrating its 100th anniversary and it's more alive than ever. Anime is the heart of our passion for Japan, so let's celebrate!
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Japanese animation is 100 years old: come celebrate with us! 


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