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Anime 100: the 100th anniversary of Japanese animation!

In 2017, Japanese animation will be celebrating its 100th year of existence and it’s more effervescent as it ever was. Anime is the beating heart of our passion for Japan and that’s why we’re eager to celebrate this anniversary with you, making Japanese animation the center of Japan Expo 18th Impact!

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Introduction to Animé 100

In 1917, the most ancient animation film we’ve found to this day was created: Namakura Gatana, directed by Jun'ichi KÔUCHI. 100 years later, Japanese animation has conquered the world. In France, it made a sensational start on TV in the late 70s as Grendizer was first aired. It was love at first sight for the 70s and 80s generation of young people and the beginning of a long and beautiful love story, a story that Japan Expo embodies perfectly.

Namakura Gatana (1917)

Through their passion for anime, fans opened up to manga, and little by little to Japan as a whole and to the many aspects of its culture. Japan Expo has been echoing this phenomenon from the beginning. Without Japanese animation, Japan Expo would never have seen the light of day. The 100th anniversary of Japanese animation is a perfect opportunity to highlight its special link with the festival and its attendees.

Animé 100 in the festival’s program

The festival team is already hard at work to prepare an outstanding exhibit, the coming of prestigious guests, and amazing events, and to achieve our ideas, we need your support!

The exhibit will put forward 100 anime chosen among the abundant production of the last 100 years. Among these 100 works, 80 have been chosen by the team of Japan Expo and a committee of experts for the years 1917 to 1999. This selection highlights innovative works and others which had an outstanding success. Others still, sometimes less known, are simply our favourites.

This exhibit is also yours, Japan Expo’s attendees’, and that’s why we need you to choose the last 20 anime, for the period during which Japan Expo has existed, that is 2000 to 2016.

Vote for Animé 100

85 works have been preselected for the years 2000 to 2016, divided in 4 periods of time. We’re inviting you to vote among 20 anime for each period for the 5 you prefer. In all, 20 works will be featured in the Animé 100 exhibit at Japan Expo 18th Impact for the years 2000 to 2016.

Votes are closed.


We thank our partner Nolife for being part of the selection committee

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