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Japan Expo and Japan FM present: J-music Festival in Paris Vol.1

A new J-music event is happening in Paris: an original gig bringing together on stage Japanese bands and artists. And for its first edition, ILU GRACE, Misaki IWASA and UMI☆KUUN will be leading the show, a crazy mix of J-pop, RnB, enka, and anisong, on February 27 at Petit Bain in Paris!

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After Japan Expo Sud and its music programming, the Karasu stage dedicated to music, Japan Expo associated with Japan FM to offer the European public a new opportunity to enjoy live J-music: here comes the J-music Festival in Paris!

Launched by Japan Expo and Japan FM, the first French webradio for Japanese music, J-music Festival in Paris Vol. 1 will be held on February 27, 2017 at Petit Bain in Paris. A new meeting for J-music fans, this private gig, organized in an intimate venue, will be giving you varied styles of music and discoveries of young talented artists. A great moment of live music to come!

For the first edition, we’ll be proposing a program with J-pop, RnB, and enka (Japanese traditional pop music): Misaki IWASA, UMI☆KUUN, and ILU GRACE will be giving the best of their talent with solo performances. 

And there will be more with a final highlight: an exclusive set, an original collaboration with all three artists dedicated to cult anime themes, which they have chosen themselves. Come celebrate Animé 100 and the 100th anniversary of Japanese animation with them at this unique live show!

The artists

Misaki IWASA: after her debut as an idol in the famous band AKB48, Misaki IWASA started a solo career. The singer turned to enka, a genre of traditional pop music. Her sweet pop ballads reach the top of the Oricon charts with every new single. More about Misaki IWASA

UMI☆KUUN: if he got famous in France with his YouTube videos when he first came to Japan Expo, UMI☆KUUN is a musician at heart since he was a young child. After Hello Baby, hymn for Japan Expo 16th Impact, he released his first single in late 2015: I am Just Feeling Alive. The title was even chosen as the opening of the anime Young Black JackMore about UMI☆KUUN

ILU GRACE: composed of the singer Ayane and drummer KAZU, ILU GRACE is an RnB duo with roots on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. Ayane’s voice, both delicate and powerful, mixes with moving melodies, for a powerful yet beautiful sound. The new generation of RnB is coming and its name is ILU GRACE! More about ILU GRACE


An event organized by Japan Expo and Japan FM

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