Japan Expo - July 6-9, 2017 Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre
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The stages at Japan Expo

With 8 stages and 12 areas dedicated to activities, signings and martial arts, Japan Expo sets up facilities for all types of events! Follow us for a pre-festival tour!

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Color: red – Ichigô = strawberry

Cosplay, outstanding shows, fashion shows, and more: the Ichigô Stage offers the best of our programming with a 150 sqm stage and a 50 sqm proscenium. With up to 15,000 people in the audience, this is THE stage where must-attend events happen!


Color: black – Karasu = raven

The Karasu Stage hosts J-music stars and stars to be. For 7 years, this 168 sqm stage has been entirely dedicated to music and can make up to 4,000 people go wild with moving, electric, enchanting and memorable gigs. J-pop, rock, electro or visual kei, the Karasu Stage gives a full insight of J-music


Color : yellow – Yuzu yuzu (a type of citrus fruit)

Feature film and anime previews, prestigious guests’ panels, live drawing and other amazing shows: the Yuzu Stage welcomes over 4,000 people to attend some of the most expected events of the festival, like panels, preview screenings, and more.  


Color: pink – Sakura = cherry tree petal

The Sakura Stage unveils the beauty of Japanese arts and folk culture over 111 sqm. From calligraphy to theatre, dance to music, come enjoy the most beautiful aspects of traditional Japan on this stage which has a hanamichi, a long extension on the side like the ones on kabuki stages in Japan.  


Color: brown – Kuri = chestnut

On the Kuri Stage, come attend panels about manga, cinema, animation or music, talk-shows with the festival guests, presentations and other shows, and take part in games to win prizes.


Color: green – Také = bamboo

The Také Stage is the meeting place of all video game fans with world previews, panels with prestigious video game guests – creators, producers, chara-designers… – or tournaments with talented gamers. Up to 2,600 people meet there for all the big video game events of the festival. 


Color: orange – Kitsuné = fox

The Kitsuné Stage is the land of free cosplay: cosplay enthusiasts can come up on a 60 sqm stage with their costume on and perform as they wish and if they wish. No stress, no competition, you’re here for fun and so is the audience! All along the festival, theme cosplay shows are organized on top of free sessions.


Color: purple – Sumiré = violet

Come meet the guests at the area dedicated to signings. After getting a signing ticket at the Signing Desk, go to one of the Sumiré Stages to meet the artists from whom you want an autograph. Sumiré stage 6 is dedicated to photocall.


Color: burgundy – Budo = grapes

tatami areas are entirely dedicated to martial art demonstrations and initiations. If you want to find out more about naginata or try aikidô or jûdô, that’s where you should be!

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