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Masao MARUYAMA, the ambassador of Animé 100

With over 50 years of experience in animation, Masao MARUYAMA is one of those who have contributed to the highest number of anime! We are delighted to announce that he will be the ambassador of Animé 100 and will be attending Japan Expo to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Japanese animation with you!

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Masao MARUYAMA, parrain d'Animé 100

After his debut at studio Mushi Production, Masao MARUYAMA cofounded Madhouse and later created his own studio, MAPPA. He was part of the production team for a record number of anime, including Astro Boy, Kids on the Slope, Ashita no Joe, or Death Note, to mention only a few.

As a witness of more than half of this century of Japanese animation that we are celebrating, he has accepted to be the ambassador of Animé 100 to be part of the event!

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